A Dollar Deal You Can Take to the Bank: 

"Your generous and refreshing subscription strategy is ideal for me and certainly gives the 'Little Guy' the opportunity to participate. Thank you most sincerely for the opportunity."                                --John, Australia

The Simple Secret To A Realistic Approach For Building Wealth

New potential trades every day the market is open

with expirations from 1 to 7 days!

The one concern I've heard about ODDS is this, "I'm convinced this method works, but I'm just not sure if I can do it." Well, I've made it easy for you to get potential daily trades with ODDS High Accuracy.

ODDS High Accuracy is a subscription service where, the instant I approve a reliable High Accuracy options trade, I will provide the details on our private, secure web site you can access from anywhere.

There is complex math but that's where I come in. I do the work and work out the details so you don't have to. I'll tell you exactly when to get in and at what price. And just as important, I'll also tell you exactly when to get out.

You can easily follow the trade signals by reading the instructions provided on the site, which is updated every trading day.

And most trades are short term and  expire anywhere from 1 day to a one week.

Another great thing about this service is it's radical departure from most advisory service guarantees, which ​

shows how confident we are in this system.

If you can't win, you don't pay me*

*See details for this offer below

Test drive ODDS High Accuracy for three weeks for only $1.  After that, pay $99 after the trades have closed, and only if they make money.

New potential trades every day the market is open

with expirations from 1 to 7 days!

Real People, Real Results

"We have enjoyed being able to share it because we’ve had such success with it ourselves, that it would be good to share it with others. We’ve been so pleased with the results that we’ve had, and can certainly recommend him."

Brance L., Texas

"I''ve been so successful with ODDS High Accuracy. It's been fantastic.I'm in such a better place it's not funny, and so is my bank account. You guys have been a part of this transition and I truly thank you. I started with $4,000 ad after today I'll be at $19,850.

Robert S., Louisiana

"Since the first of September to this point, I‘ve had one failure and a lot of successes. I have probably realized something between $28,000 - $30,000 profit. Used correctly, options are a good way to have a steady income."

J. Dale B., Kansas

How The Potential Trades Are Picked

Supercomputing Network Analyzes Data

  • Access to the world's most advanced options database
  • Molds raw data into usable indicators
  • Applies proprietary algorithms

Identifies Potentially Profitable Trades Daily

  • ​Scrapes out all illiquid and undesirable trades
  • Sifts through the remaining trades to find the best opportunities
  • Categorizes those leaving only the best

Final Approval By
Don Fishback 

  • Utilizing his 35+ years of experience, Don and his team comb through the remaining
  • Tests it against the current market conditions
  • Hand selects the best opportunity

Personally Approved
By Don Fishback

We distill everything down to a one-page daily preliminary report.

Then, Don Fishback himself does pre-market research and supervises the daily report each morning. And when he finds a trade that has explosive profit potential, which could happen any trading day, he and his team posts it in a secure, members-only private web site that you can access from any device. 

Word-for-word instructions are provided. Just enter the trade online, or if you’re old fashioned like our President and Founder, you read the instructions to your broker. Either way, you’re getting the equivalent to a turnkey business that you can start right away.

New potential trades every day the market is open

 with expirations from 1 to 7 days!

How The Service Works

Pay $1 To Get Started

  • Trade for the next 21 days*

See The Performance

  • See if the trades last month made money after options expiration

Protected Monthly Fee 

  • Pay $99 After the system produces profitable trades for that month
  • If the trades are not profitable or if there were no trades for that month, You Pay Nothing for that month*

New potential trades every day the market is open

with expirations from 1 to 7 days!

If you want a more in-depth explanation watch the video below

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New potential trades every day the market is open

with expirations from 1 to 7 days!

Pay ONLY After You Make The Money

I am so confident you'll be happy, I guarantee it! When you decide to join me, you'll have 21 days to follow ODDS High Accuracy for only $1. If after your 21 day period the trades provided for the next billing period do not produce a profit*,  You Won't Pay For That Month. See the section "How The Service Works "ABOVE for a detailed explanation. 

You will only pay when our recommendations make money!

* ODDS High Accuracy performance measurements and billing periods are measured using the options industry’s expiration calendar for monthly expirations. A copy of the options industry's calendar can be found here. https://www.theocc.com/about/publications/expiration-calendar.jsp. Your initial $1 payment gives you access to all potential daily trade recommendations for an initial 21-day period where you can access the recommendations on the private, secure web site. Once that initial period has past, payment is dependent on the performance of the trade recommendations (including follow-up instructions) issued to subscribers. If the subsequent recommendations comprising a particular options expiration that are part of the model portfolio are not profitable (that is, the sum of the percent returns for a particular billing period is not profitable before fees and commissions), no fees will be assessed for that billing period. However, if the model portfolio shows a cumulative net profit for a billing period (that is, the sum of the percent returns for a particular billing period is positive before fees and commissions), you will be charged $99 at the end of the billing period. The charge will be made to the card you used when you first enrolled. To avoid this charge, you must cancel your subscription prior to 5:00 pm ET the day before the monthly options expiration for that billing period, which generally falls on the 3rd Friday of the month.

New potential trades every day the market is open

with expirations from 1 to 7 days!